Date written: May 18th, 2022

I honestly think reddit is the most insufferable place on the internet. What is it about reddit users that cause them to be so condescending, egotistical, and just generally unpleasant people? There's a few decent small subreddits that can be useful, but the vast majority of the site is absolute trash. Reading through an average reddit thread is like listening to the most annoying person you know have a conversation with themselves, with how every person on there acts, talks, and thinks the same way and holds all the same reddit-approved opinions.

Good luck trying to have or find a decent two-sided discussion, because anything that deviates from the reddit hive mind just gets downvoted to hell or outright removed by a power tripping mod. There's no point in trying to read a discussion on reddit because it's either just a massive circlejerk or half of the thread is deleted by a mod who disagreed with whatever they said.

Reddit is one of the most heavily moderated websites out there and some people love it because it's the perfect place to reinforce their shallow worldview, and it provides them with a feeling of superiority to all others by surrounding themselves with others who think and behave the same. The karma system doesn't sound too bad on paper, but redditors seem to have forgotten that the downvote is supposed to be used for posts that don't add anything to the conversation or spam. Most redditors just downvote comments that they disagree with or comments that make them uncomfortable. Karma is probably one of the biggest reasons reddit is the echo chamber it is today. The fact you need a certain amount of karma to even post on certain communities makes it even worse.

The website got even worse after the modern redesign update that happened a few years ago. Everything feels way slower, Photos and videos take longer to load, and everything just feels very bloated compared to the old layout. I actually got an extension on my browser that redirects to the old.reddit domain, it's crazy how much better the site feels to use with it. Also this might seem like a silly thing to point out, but one of the best parts of the old reddit is that I don't have to look at those goofy avatar profile picture things that show up beside every comment. I don't know what it is about them, but it's so hard to take redditors seriously with those things. I haven't used the official reddit app on my phone in a few years, but I still remember how buggy and poorly made it was. Pretty much any third party app was better.

I used to browse reddit pretty often around 5-6 years ago, it was where I found a lot of "good" memes and stuff (good in the eyes of 14 year ago me), but eventually I left because I remember watching every "humour"/meme subreddit devolve into an absolute circlejerk of garbage, regurgitated content where people just spam the same unfunny jokes to farm as much karma as possible. Reddit doesn't just beat a dead horse, they crush it into dust. Reddit "culture" in general is just, for a lack of a better word, unrelenting cringe. The face that a subreddit run entirely by bots is one of the highest quality subreddits says a lot about reddit and its users.

Now even though reddit is mostly toxic waste, there are some phenomenal posts that rarely appear. I figured that this topic would be a good place to share some of this incredible content: