This is where I put what kind of programs/software/tech I use (WIP)


My current desktop that I use was a prebuilt one off Amazon for like $900, which is pretty lame, but it does what I need it to do. I bought it in 2018, and upgraded it a bit since then.

Drawing Stuff

I used to draw quite a bit on paper when I was around 3-5 years old then I stopped for a while and picked it up again around 10-12 years old and then stopped again. Eventually I got a 3DS that I bought an app called Colors! 3D which was a drawing thing that I did a bunch of drawings on that mostly have been lost to time. I first got a Wacom drawing tablet around 2018 which lasted until 2020, went it got too worn out and I bought a new Wacom tablet that I still use today.

Paint Tool Sai was the first real drawing program I used on PC and I used that for a long time, until last year when I bought Clip Studio Paint. Clip Studio Paint was totally worth it, it only cost $25 on sale.

Web Browser

I've used Brave browser for probably about a year now and it's pretty good. I find that it's faster compared to Firefox and definitely faster than Chrome. I don't use too many extensions with it, but the ones I do have (uBlock Origin, SponsorBlock, Dark Reader, etc) all work good with it.

My default search engine is DuckDuckGo, because I'd rather avoid Google as much as possible.

Music Player

Spotify is what I use the most often, only because it's the most convienient to listen to anywhere. I use MusicBee on my PC to listen to stuff that isn't on streaming and FLAC/lossless files. On my phone I have BlackPlayer for said stuff that isn't on streaming. My family has an Apple Music family plan that I could use but I never really do.

Photo/Video Viewer

For photos I use IrfanView because the default Windows 10 Photo Viewer is pretty bad. IrfanView is lightweight and does everything I need it to do. For videos I have VLC Media Player. Not much to say about it, it gets the job done.

Social Media

Like many others that use neocities, I'm not a fan of social media. The only two I use somewhat actively are Discord and Snapchat, and thats only for instant messaging. I do have a Twitter account, but I barely interact with anyone or anything on there. I made a Facebook account many years ago when I was an idiot, but I deleted that about 5-6 years ago.