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ramblings and other trash

this section is exactly as the title suggests

note: i'm putting all past content into a table because i think its easier to read


september 23rd 20218:36 PMof course nintendo would make you pay a more expensive subscription for 25 year old games
8:37 PMthe final smash bros newcomer will be john madden from the madden nfl series
8:45 PMthe mario movie is going to be incredible, an absolute disaster, or both
8:47 PMseth rogen as donkey kong: HUHUHUHUH DUDE BANANA *hits donkey bong*

september 22nd 202110:00 PMi miss free-smiley-faces.de

september 21st 20212:02 PMmaking my own quirky earthbound-inspired rpg with themes of depression

september 20th 202112:23 AMi hold every political belief and so i am never wrong
12:24 AMnew laptop aquired, time to boil it
12:25 AMviper - f**k earth i'm gon wage an interstella war

september 19th 20213:24 PMi want to give my website a cooler layout, but i also want to keep it mobile friendly

september 18th 20215:33 PMdeltarune 2 has left me with questions
10:24 PMthe genocide route is "cool"
10:26 PM[[BIG SHOT]]

september 17th 202111:34 AMi don't know whats worse, automatic toilets or automatic sinks
2:56 PMgetting a new laptop on tuesday
2:58 PMits raining pretty hard right now. i missed the rain
11:30 PMyooo undertale 3 just dropped
11:32 PMgonna draw ralsei at some point

september 16th 20216:15 PMthinking about options for a better place to live
6:32 PMmfw a grilled cheese and fries costs over 10 leafbucks
6:35 PMthey're good sandwiches though
10:58 PMtrashfeed table conversion complete
11:00 PMi am above you all
11:37 PMculture appears to be frozen
11:47 PMwebsites with cookie request pop-ups that take up half the webpage

september 15th 202111:27 PMreddit is such an awful website
11:28 PMredditors are one of the biggest hive minds on the internet
11:30 PM"post removed" "post deleted" "post removed" "post deleted"
11:32 PMalso the website itself is slow and buggy as hell

september 14th 202112:03 AMmen
12:09 AMyou claim to be a "socailist" yet yuo have money... curious...
12:21 AMi don't know if i want people i know irl to see this website lol

september 12th 202111:00 PMweekend gone already
11:02 PMi tried making a map
11:05 PMcollege should at least have an online option
11:09 PMleafland election coming up, i'm writing in the bear that ate my trash a few days ago
11:34 PMmitt romney dances gangnam style
11:57 PMhas there ever been a good live action anime adaptation

september 6th 20215:32 PMthinking about changing my character
7:43 PMkanye west new album is pretty good
7:45 PMi changed my character

september 2nd 20211:30 PMnew abba just dropped
1:31 PMplaying a lot of civ 6 lately, doing a game with friends tomorrow

august 28th 20212:20 PMpeople kind of suck sometimes
6:32 PMdid some more work on the website today
6:34 PMif someone turns they're back on you, grab his ass #billionarirequotes
6:36 PMcurrently watching sleepycast

august 26th 20215:34 PMwhy is summer almost over
7:16 PMi work tomorrow
7:23 PMthe ride never ends

august 24th 20215:00 PMGENETIC FREAK
5:06 PMbrb making mac and cheese
9:42 PMdone making mac and cheese
9:54 PMeyelash!! in my eye!!

august 23rd 202110:49 PMnew warioware looks fun but probably not $65 fun
10:50 PMdrawing takes a long time
10:51 PMtacoma radar is a comfy band
10:53 PMdude...what if WE were the virus...
11:00 PMwake up sheeple!!!!
11:02 PMi wish i had an alien friend
11:31 PMdoodle dood
11:34 PMjapanese cd packaging is cool
11:37 PMi got uchu nippon setagaya by fishmans on cd today

august 21st 20219:16 PMlistened to a whole nickelback record today, i've heard worse

august 19th 20212:22 PMthe pokemon diamond and pearl remakes look awful, the originals look way better
2:24 PMi've never cared much about pokemon, but some of the pokemon/character designs are cool
2:29 PMi don't understand onlyfans, why would people even pay for that
2:31 PMthinking about michealwave
3:20 PMdont fuck with me, i fuck back
3:21 PMwhipped up a refreshing bowl of ice cube soup
9:17 PMmoving to young thug city
9:22 PMnomeansno, pilotredsun, and boredoms aren't on spotify, why do i even pay for this
9:24 PMconsidering spotify pays literal pennies for streams i don't blame them
9:27 PMslacking on drawing lately
10:00 PMis wario a libertarian
10:13 PMtoday i walked outside and saw an angry looking chimp holding a cinder block. i then walked back inside

august 16th 20213:29 PMgot shampoo in my eye god dammit

august 12th 2021 12:12 AMmight get my first paycheck in a long time tomorrow
12:13 AMneon genesis evangelion is kinda neat i guess, currently on episode 15
12:19 AMidea: glass bowling pins
11:25 PMwork was hot today
11:27 PMyou'll cowards don't even smoke crack
11:28 PMi hate smoke

august 11th 20213:23 PMmodding my wii u
3:25 PMprobably gonna mod my switch too

august 5th 20219:50 PM"its such a beautiful day" is amazing

july 31st 202110:44 PMthe crops are looking good
10:45 PMchris chan will be studied in history books hundreds of years from now
10:45 PMthe prisonchu saga has begun
10:46 PMwho is the family guy
10:48 PMi want to draw some monkeys. maybe some ape too
10:55 PMchuggin

july 24th 20212:16 PMneed people to play bedwars with

july 23rd 20212:53 PM20
2:53 PMgot some new headphones, noise cancelling is weird
2:53 PMdrawing hands is the worst
9:09 PMi would trade my kidney for paint tool sai dark mode

july 19th 20213:04 PMtomorrow is my birthday, going to be double digits
3:04 PMlearning about dark energy

july 18th 20213:23 AMi added a page for my oc's, despite having very little info on them lol

july 17th 20214:11 AMmade the about page look decent on mobile finally

july 16th 20213:07 PMsteam deck actually looks pretty legit, imagine emulating switch games on it. nintendo is doomed
3:07 PMbeen doing lots of pushups lately
6:34 PMactually did some work here today

july 12th 202112:15 AMpython is kinda neat
12:16 AMi only have like a week left of being a teenager and that sucks ass
12:21 AMonly the coolest of people type in all lowercase
12:35 AMumm... dare i say... based?
12:38 AMi don't know what world of warcraft is
12:41 AMmy entire wardrobe is just shirts that say "gamer" on them
12:44 AMi dread the illumination mario movie
12:45 AMpotato!!!!!!!!!

july 11th 202111:33 PMi saw that on of my favourite bands, slowdive, put one of their best unreleased songs (sleep) on spotify but it turns out its unoffical. i'll enjoy it while i can

july 10th 20211:29 PMbedwars is fun
1:31 PMon that trillionarie sigma male grindset B)
1:34 PMligma male
1:36 PMmight make a religion tier list
1:42 PMi want a chimp friend
1:45 PMtwitch sucks

june 24th 202111:22 AMrip john mcafee, the absolute madman
2:28 PMfist of the north star is awesome
2:34 PMavoiding anyone who describes themselves as an "influencer"
2:41 PMtoday i learned that a serbian farmer shoving a beer bottle into his ass contributed to the break up of yugoslavia
2:45 PMresearch the dorđe martinović incident

june 23rd 20214:15 PMnetflix somehow gets worse every time i look at it
4:19 PMi sure love characters whos entire personality revolves around their sexual orientation and literally nothing else
4:22 PMthinking about bnuuys
4:25 PMsometimes i'm tempted to change my mascot to a bnuuy, or like a goat-bnuuy hybrid thing
4:38 PMoverdosing on normal pills
5:02 PMwe should replace racism with swag

june 20th 20214:32 PMcamping is fun
4:35 PMkill all mosquitos
6:37 PMrawr!! ima dinosawr :3c >u<
6:42 PMtheres people in the world...

june 18th 20212:10 AMhello
2:10 AMstill just sitting here

may 26th 20212:50 AMthe moon is big and bright tonight

may 25th 202112:28 AMi would write a few paragraphs about why i hate tiktok, but its been done so many times

may 24th 20212:06 AMits crazy how people still watch cable tv
2:06 AMwent walking for like 4 hours yesterday and my legs still hurt
2:07 AMwhoever makes the bots in tf2 are probably the saddest people out there

may 18th 20216:31 PMS

may 17th 20211:49 PMaddicted to tf2 again

may 13th 20216:49 PMits been pretty chill lately
6:52 PMkraft dinner extra creamy macaroni and cheese
6:55 PMi wonder if anyone actually reads this
6:57 PMdiscords new logo kinda sucks

april 29th 20214:34 PMAAAAAAAAAAAAA
5:45 PMmight get another job soon
5:46 PMdaze gaming

april 28th 20214:34 PMweed
1:34 PMi still have nightmares about the new pringles logo
1:36 PMidk if this is a hot take but pringles kind of suck
1:37 PMmiss vickies salt and vinegar is the best chip

april 27th 20211:34 AMputting powdered milk in my milk to get more milk per milk
1:39 PMi don't actually like milk
1:44 PM*sneezes in braille*

april 18th 20212:05 AMpain, agony even
2:06 AM1000%!! i used to give a fuck
2:08 AMhaving an urge to do a little trolling
2:13 AMscreaming into the abyss
2:14 AMmy rap name could be "convicted felon"
2:16 AMthe nice weather is back just in time for exam week
2:26 AM
2:32 AM
2:36 AMthe elites don't want you to know this, but the ducks at the park are free and you can take them home
3:50 PMthe virgin your opinion vs the chad my opinion

april 17th 20211:59 PMvinesauce vinny, joel, and jerma are basically the only streamers i watch

april 13th 20213:56 PMguac
4:00 PMshouldn't have bought the isaac dlc until after exam week
8:56 PMsaw my friend today

april 11th 20217:02 PMgoing through another vaporwave phase

april 10th 202112:01 AMcouldn't finish an assignment on time again

april 8th 202112:00 PMthinking about reading a book
12:01 PMi planned on going to sleep early last night so i could get up early and do work, but i woke up at 11:30 anyways
12:10 PMfalling behind but i'm too shy to ask for help
12:14 PMi hate dust
12:22 PMhoping no one finds out i'm actually markiplier
12:26 PMi planted some peas, carrots and corn over the weekend. i want to learn how to garden because it'll be a god skill to have when society collapses
12:32 PMi want to learn how to 3d model
12:34 PMwasting time..

april 7th 202111:35 PMlil ugly mane is my favourite rapper
11:38 PMtroll science comics are unironically hilarious
12:34 PMgoing to the dentist

april 5th 202111:56 PMplayin jackbox with my friends :)

april 4th 202110:32 PMi caved and bought the new isaac dlc, its pretty hard

april 2nd 20219:01 PMate too many chips again

april 1st 20215:58 PMhello
5:59 PMi want to get the new binding of isaac dlc but i want to save money
6:01 PMtoday i went to tim hortons and ordered a bacon grilled cheese but i recieved a regular grilled cheese instead, my life is in shambles
6:02 PMoh my god jimmy carter just killed himself
6:10 PMthis is literally me
6:12 PMwhat up daze nation
7:23 PMits hard being epic in a world of fail
7:47 PMi hope omoris fanbase doesn't end up like undertales
11:12 PMplaying wii sports without the wrist strap, guess you could say i'm a bit of a bad boy
11:16 PMi only drink at least 34% milk
11:25 PMyogurt mixed with cheetos
11:35 PMi need a cool rap name