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this section is exactly as the title suggests


july 5th5:04 PMi was hoping CERN would send us to a better timeline, but maybe there's still a chance

june 18th11:53 PMtried crystal pepsi for the first time, it's pretty decent. i guess they brought it back in canada for the 30th anniversary. i've never had a regular pepsi so i might have to get some to compare the two. i don't even really like soda, i just think crystal pepsi looks cool

june 15th10:25 PM

june 9th3:54 PMi'm making a separate website that serves as kind of a portfolio that i can use for work/interviews. not sure if i'll link this site to it, but i'll probably link that website here when it's more complete
3:54 PMi kind of want to change the whole style of this site, but that's going to take a while

june 4th12:25 PMplaying civilization 5 for the first time in years, and it's better than i remember
12:26 PMthe year is 2022. 95% of all content on the internet is made by bots. nothing is real. not even this post
12:27 PMcheetos

june 1st2:41 PMsome people made a flipnote hatena archive and i found my old flipnotes. holy cringe

may 28th9:00 PMcoughing
9:01 PMthey should make killing people illegal so people will stop doing it
9:05 PMlets hope valve actually has fixes for tf2, and doesn't just disappear for another 2 years
9:05 PMpro tip: when researching stuff, only read stuff that you agree with so you can reinforce your pre-existing opinions and feel a lot smarter
9:07 PMi hate how i used to use the word "epic" ironically, but now i keep saying it on accident

may 26th2:38 PMthere will never ever be another game like tf2

may 18th12:51 AMwatched "everything everywhere all at once" today. it was a pretty great movie, definitely one of the more interesting, original films to come out recently (even if a lot of it is pretty obviously inspired by the matrix). 8/10

may 18th12:51 AMwrote a topic post on reddit because i just remembered how much that site sucks

may 16th10:23 AMall i want is a gromit mug, is this too much too ask?
4:51 PMpretty sure the flat earth theory was spread by governments/ruling class to make all other conspiracy theories look bad
11:23 PMyour favourite martian coming back saved this decade
11:24 PMstop using the mii channel/wii shop theme in every youtube video, it's nearly as annoying as the youtube thumbnail faces at this point
11:25 PMa lumberjack goes into a magic forest to chop down a tree. as he's about to cut down a tree, the tree talks and says "don't cut me down, i'm a talking tree!". the lumberjack responds "and you will dialogue"
11:26 PMlike and subscribe for more funny joke

may 14th12:56 AMwhy yes the job search is going well, i applied for a moderator position at r/atheism today
12:57 AMwhoever keeps astral projecting into my dreams every night and rapping over the super mario theme song PLEASE STOP, i'm not sure what you want from me
12:57 AMepic rap battles of history: the god father vs tobuscus

may 13th5:37 PMif only blizzard put as much effort into making good games as they did making diversity calculator tools
5:39 PMthe gaming industry needs to be burnt down and rebuilt
5:39 PMi don't get why some people need a fictonal character to vaguely look like them in order to relate to them
10:39 PMgoing to a club for the first time tomorrow night
10:42 PMwafflestomping
10:44 PMthere's a ghost/dark entity floating around my room, if it doesn't piss off i may have to beat the lad down
10:48 PMshort on money rn, so i've been secretly selling my friends personal information to the chinese government. the society we live in made me do this so i am sure they'll understand

may 12th5:42 PMnew mcr and death grips? cool

may 2nd9:08 PMi watched cowboy bebop (the anime), it lives up to the hype in my opinion. the ost and visuals were especially good
9:24 PMcurrent top 5 anime list:
  • cowboy bebop
  • madoka magica
  • serial experiments lain
  • jojos bizarre adventure
  • oddtaxi

april 26th5:52 PMbreaking news: elon musk buys twitter and deletes it
5:55 PMi don't think much is going to change on twitter, but i hope trump gets unbanned just for the chaos it would cause
5:55 PM"AAAUUGHH I'M ANGRY AND I DON'T KNOW WHY" -average twitter users
5:56 PMi finally watched some of the lion king remake but i couldn't finish it. what an unnecessary, soulless, cash grab of a "movie". legitimately a 0/10

april 24th1:31 AMbeen working on my game for school for the last few days, it's starting to look pretty legit even if i don't get all the stuff in that i wanted in time

april 21st7:45 PMimagine spending over $250 million on a streaming service for it to not even last a month
7:47 PMi hope netflix continues to collapse
7:48 PMa bone adaptation died for a boss baby cartoon and 7 seasons of big mouth

april 19th5:38 PMwho the hell watches big mouth and why
6:32 PMjust read the akashic records, not gonna say whats in there though
7:49 PMto me the angry birds are just normal birds
7:53 PMturns out there's a lot of people out there who don't have an inner monologue, or can't visualize images in their minds. that's very strange to me
8:02 PMmy political opinions align with whichever side has the best memes
8:04 PMwe're entering a technological dystopia but without the cool cyber aesthetic
8:07 PMsaying that some pop music is good is both a hot and cold take, same with saying mcdonalds tastes good

april 16th2:58 PMthe current state of TF2 is tragic
3:33 PMi wish there were more indie games that had art styles that aren't pixel art. i want to see more games with art done entirely in mspaint
3:37 PMkind of want elon musk to buy twitter just for the absolute meltdown it would cause
4:54 PMspilled mac and cheese on my phone fuckin hell
4:55 PMwatched blade runner and perfect blue recently, both very cool movies

april 6th10:48 PMr/place is easily the best thing to come out of reddit although that really isn't saying much

march 31st1:23 PMmight have missed aurora borealis last night, hope it comes back
1:24 PMsaw a bit of the oscars with my family, and it was even worse than i remember. i probably cringed a good 3 or 4 times

march 19th4:34 PMthinking it might be cool to swap out the a in my (irl) name for a y, but i probably won't bother
4:36 PMi drank a MUG root beer for the first time in years and it was pretty good (i don't really like carbonated drinks)
4:37 PMMUG moment

march 17th8:04 PM"man who thought it was all so tiresome finds he is more tired than previously thought possible"
8:06 PMmy old drawings suck so hard but i like keeping them because its proof i did improve somewhat
8:08 PMi've been watching breaking bad for like 5 hours a day, i'm on season 5 now. good show
8:10 PMcurrently fighting the globalists

march 16th12:06 AM"based" and "cringe" are the modern equivalent of "win" and "fail"
12:10 AMthe media is pushing the idea of eating bugs because the rich plan to make meat unaffordable for the poor
12:12 AMits crazy how many people literally cannot process real world events without having to make comparisons to western pop culture (ex. marvel, star wars)
12:14 AM"omg putin is like THANOS or darth VADER and Ukraine is like the AVENGERS and zelensky is like IRON MAN, thats so freaking EPIC it's just like a marvel movie!!1!!"
12:23 AMnot too fond of the antichrist tbh

march 15th5:06 PMwhen my samsung galaxy s10 dies, i'm thinking about getting an older phone, maybe a flip phone. the only things i would miss are maps and spotify
11:53 PMit would be nice if websites/tech products stopped changing stuff and ruining the user experience just for the sake of change
11:55 PMnoob is a good word
11:57 PMi think technology stopped trying to look futuristic at some point, and thats one of the reasons physical devices look so bland today compared to devices 10-20 years ago

march 13th1:54 PMyoutube vanced got shut down by google. if the app stops working on my phone i'll probably just stop using youtube on my phone altogether. sometimes i use youtube on devices without adblockers and the ads on there are ridiculous, i don't know how anyone could sit through that many ads all the time

march 12th9:53 PMstarted watching breaking bad, i'm on the last episode of season 1 and its pretty good so far
9:54 PMelden ring is hard, not surprisingly. i started as the wretch class to live as a caveman, and my character is just super mario in real life
10:00 PMthey removed big black from spotify, darn

march 10th12:59 PMmask mandate in bc is gone, epic
1:00 PMit's really hard to tell whats happening in ukraine with so much propaganda flying around
1:00 PM>gas reaches $2 a litre with no sign of stopping
i'm starting to think about moving out of bc as soon as possible, pretty soon you won't be able to afford a car let alone a house unless you're a millionaire

march 4th3:20 PMthe minecraft movie was supposed to come out today

march 3rd2:08 PMlaundry detergent flavoured ice cream

march 2nd6:32 PMwindows updates notifications are the absolute worst, why is there no option to say "no"

february 28th 20223:41 PMstatus update:

february 28th 20223:41 PMits funny how "wholesome uwu" internet personalities usually are total douchebags behind the scenes
3:43 PMif russia doesn't stop invading ukraine i might have to do something about it

february 25th 202212:00 AMmight make a sketch page for unfinished, not very good sketches
12:04 AMquick sketch animation
1:02 AMrussia invades ukraine on chris-chans 40th birthday, could this be the start of the dimensional merge?

february 24th 20222:58 AMa lot appears to be happening lately
3:09 AMrandom garyc doodles i did

february 19th 20226:16 PMi'm still drawing but its all unfinished sketches

february 10th 20228:16 PMcorn pop was a bad dude

february 9th 20221:29 PMmodern animated disney movies all look so similar

february 8th 20229:35 PMit's impressive how fnaf has maintained relevancy on the internet, i stopped cared about it after the first few but i can't deny it's one of the most iconic game series of the 2010's

february 6th 20223:38 PMi wish my 3ds still worked

february 3rd 20225:38 PMtrying to astral project
5:40 PMgot banned from the space jam subreddit and now i don't know what to do with my life
5:42 PMblogging
5:46 PMblogging 2
8:05 PMmight make a media log
10:03 PMð’€­ cool symbol

february 2nd 20223:36 PMi think spotifys restricting vpns more than they used to, good thing i've got my mp3s and flacs

february 1st 20223:36 PMtrying to make daily schedules for myself in hopes that i'll be more productive
3:37 PMwhy are january and february so hard to spell
3:38 PMcool shades came in the mail, my cool factor has gone up at least 20 points
3:38 PMcan hardly see anything in these shades but coolness > seeing things
4:01 PMi think my vpn/network adapter is messed up on my main computer, annoying because i hate using the internet without a vpn
4:02 PMcia agents glow in the dark, you can see them when you're driving
11:02 PMits crazy how many people still defend nintendo for their nonsensical decisions
11:02 PMi hate the "youtuber thumbnail face" so much

january 31st 20222:03 AMwish i had someone to go driving with at 2:00 AM
2:05 AMWTF i didn't know january had 31 days, my life has been thrown through the WRINGER
2:34 PMhate these stupid headphones that run out of battery despite being turned off, how does this even happen
2:37 PMottawas subreddit is a bottomless salt mine of delusional lunatics lmao
4:05 PMi want to look like the fat chippy man when i'm 40
8:06 PMwish more websites had gif profile picture support

january 30th 20228:08 PMrnr star
8:10 PMi didn't actually type this at 8:10 PM, sorry for the error
8:12 PMmake like a tree and frig off
8:14 PMate the whole bottle of iron pills, feeling absolutely MASSIVE
8:15 PMstressed about homework? just don't do it, simple as
8:15 PMman the universe is gonna die of heat death anyway fuck the rules and just send it
8:17 PMwhat if dogs were blue instead of dog coloured i'd probably go bonkers to be honest
11:17 PMbreezem out killa

january 29th 20221:03 AMif you try to make an argument or statement online and turn off comments, your opinion becomes completely worthless, maybe less than worthless. you are a coward and a fool
1:05 AM90% of internet arguments could be avoided by simply not generalizing entire groups of people
2:10 AMalan watts is comfy to listen to
2:17 AMi want to learn more about spirituality
2:52 AMbane?
2:54 AMdoin lines with JESUS
2:55 AMi might start using CAPITAL LETTERS more, it makes me feel POWERFUL
2:56 AMhuge
2:56 AMwater really is the best drink
6:01 PMthe honkening is upon us
6:02 PMrip to anyone trying to sleep in ottawa lol
6:04 PMfeels good to be a leaf for the first time in years
9:10 PMi was going to get some food but the food store closes at 6 now instead of 10, they're probably short-staffed

january 28th 202211:08 PMi don't care about joe rogan (roe jogan), or podcasts in general except sleepycast
11:10 PMeveryone seems to hate joe rogan but no one knows why
11:11 PMi'll admit the alex jones episodes are kind of entertaining
11:14 PMspotify paid $100 million dollars for roe jogan (which was stupid), it would take a lot for spotify to dump him
11:13 PMi can't trust people who are hellbent on restricting what people can hear, say or think
11:14 PMpeople should be allowed to say or think whatever they want even if i disagree, its easier to find and laugh at the brainlets that way
11:16 PMof course its beneficial if extremists shut up, but who gets to decides what is considered "extremist"?
11:23 PMI hate people who type like this.

People who space out every sentence for no reason.

It's like they think every sentence they say is so incredibly important it deserves its own space.

Typing like this doesn't make you look any more intelligent you insufferable twit.

january 27th 20221:08 PMthe entire antiwork "movement" getting obliterated in 3 minutes was absolutely glorious
1:09 PMthese people want to lead a revolution but can't even clean their room for an interview
1:09 PMreddit is so pathetic lol
9:00 PMnordvpn is garbage on my computer and i don't know why
9:01 PMbought some round sunglasses, but you can't see them HAHA
9:03 PMwhat does creepy pasta taste like

january 22nd 20222:21 AMjust divorced my 2nd wife over pictochat

january 21st 202212:32 AMkind of want to learn how to write songs, but i don't know what i'd write about lyrically
12:33 AMalso i'd need real people for a band i guess
12:59 AMi'd like to think i've gotten better at singing over the last year cause i've been doing it in the car a lot. if anyone else heard my illusion would likely be shattered lol
1:01 AMmight buy some round sunglasses
1:03 AMgot a green jacket thing on christmas and it's mint (as in nice, not the colour)
1:03 AMi need to add to my collection of adjectives
1:04 AMhave not decided if i want to swear on here, i don't want to go to hell before i die
1:07 AMcurious as to how many people out there read this shite
1:08 AMsays i've got 12 followers on neocities so if you're one of those hello

january 20th 202210:23 PMsaw a video of a metaverse "rave" and it was genuinely embarassing to look at
10:24 PMif the "metaverse" doesn't crash and burn within the next year i'll be very disappointed
10:24 PMjoining metaverse rooms solely to cyberbully cryptobros
10:36 PMcurrently learning latin rhythms on drums
10:37 PMman why don't more people make their own websites, it's way cooler than twitter
10:39 PMsocial media and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race (really original opinion no ones ever had before)
10:40 PMfuckin eh
10:48 PMthe term "vibes" ruined music
10:48 PM"vibey" songs tend to be boring as hell, much prefer catchy songs

january 17th 20222:30 AMwriting another article about something
12:47 AMmight give my mouse a snout

january 16th 202212:44 AMfirst post!!!! of the new year!!!
12:45 AMquestioning why windows 11 exists
12:45 AMnft = nice freakin truck
12:47 AMbought stellaris and played as a monkey thing. idk how to play
12:48 AMluv me smiffs, luv me roses, luv me 'waysis, simple as
12:49 AMhard to believe we're living in a bogless world
12:51 AMmetaverse looks boring as usual
12:51 AMdon't even care enough to fix my typo
12:52 AMits impressive how hard they're shilling that thing though, with so little hype
12:53 AMthat relatable artist moment when you draw lines on a page to make it look like something lol
1:06 AMsmiling friends made me smile :)

december 29th 20213:46 AMchristmas was nice, looking forward to new years

december 20th 202112:08 AMbeen a minute
12:09 AMcollege is done for now

november 30th 20214:25 PMthinking about buying a thinkpad x220
10:13 PMhaha the animated movie said "fuck" isn't that just hilarious haha

november 26th 202110:11 PMi have to return some video tapes
10:13 PMhas there ever been a live action remake thats at least as good as the source material
10:16 PMthe fact that the highest grossing "animated" movie of all time is the garbage lion king remake actually pisses me off

november 22nd 202112:18 AMwhy is amazons website so goddamn slow
11:10 PMfunny how so many people online discourage researching things
11:12 PMevery single conspiracy theory is true
11:13 PMgay frogs

november 20th 20219:40 PMi'm trying to work on a cooler art style, kind of inspired by old pc98 games
9:52 PMwhat a strange week
10:32 PMcollege at night is pretty cool
10:34 PMi showed my mom death grips and she told me to turn it off within 30 seconds
10:36 PMbumbaclarts

november 16th 202111:58 PMfacebook makes worse, corporate vrchat and acts like they're revolutionary. in the best possible timeline, it will fail horribly and put them out of business. also its kind of funny how zuccs avatar looks more real than he does

november 12th 202111:58 PMmerry christmas

november 11th 20216:43 PMit really doesn't surprise me that youtube is removing dislikes, but i am still amazed at how youtube finds ways to be more garbage than it already is. this move was made only to further protect governments and corporations from criticism. people having opinions is problematic!
6:49 PMconstant positivity becomes hollow and meaningless without negativity/criticism

november 9th 202111:01 PMcan spotify please give an option to block podcasts, or better yet customize the home screen entirely?

november 8th 20214:50 PMthere was a unit of a spider in my car this morning
4:51 PMyea i'm thinking be here now is oasis' best album. it's so goddamn overblown, loud, self-indulgent and chaotic in the best possible way

november 5th 20211:01 AMi failed no nostalgia critic november

november 3rd 202111:10 PMi made a discord bot, its so humanlike its unreal

november 2nd 202111:23 PManother wasted day

november 1st 20218:39 PMhalloween was basically on the 30th for me
8:40 PM'ate me wifi, simple as
8:42 PMit becomes very tempting to click off a video as soon as "carefree" by kevin macleod kicks in

october 28th 20211:37 AMpain
11:49 AMwoah.. disney just annouced their 16th 1st lgbt+ charcter
11:52 AM*big tech company does anything* "dude this is like black mirror or skynet"
8:39 PMgot new buttons for the menu
11:20 PMthe internet was nicer when there was more of a barrier between the online and offline world
11:32 PMprime time for computer time

october 27th 20219:41 PMi'm tired of retrowave, vaporwave is still cool though
9:42 PMgot the snare drum and hi-hat back in the house. forgot how good of a stress reliver drumming is
9:43 PMmy headcanon ralsei voice is psychicpebbles
9:50 PMwith enough social skills, you can do anything

october 25th 20215:47 PMreddit text to speech videos are a strong contender for the worst content on youtube

october 24th 20214:22 PMevery time i go on youtube my recommended is full of neco arc videos ,but i'm not complaining
4:24 PMburu nyuu
4:24 PMincreasing my carbon footprint so california sinks into the ocean faster
4:27 PMi raked leaves today

october 20th 202111:20 PMjust installed windows live messenger, it is very cool
11:22 PMmicrosoft had one of the hardest downgrades in terms of aesthetics
11:24 PMi forgot windows 11 now exists

october 19th 20218:42 PMschool

october 14th 20211:57 PMi lived bitch
1:58 PMmadoka magica was actually very good. i'm glad it wasn't like the cover led me to believe
2:00 PMbabe wake up, new lil ugly mane just dropped

october 8th 20215:04 PMstill sick, but getting better
5:07 PMwatching madoka magica because a friend recommended it. i'm still watching fist of the north star, but i've still got like 70 episodes left

october 6th 202112:33 AMsquid game was awesome for the first 6 episodes, then it dropped off hard. not going to spoil anything, but the ending brought it from a 9/10 to a 7/10. it would have been better if it weren't obviously setting up for season 2

october 3rd 20219:36 PMi hate technology

october 2nd 202112:26 AMits SPOOKY MONTH
12:27 AMi went to get a bag of chips from the college vending machine only to find out a single bag now costs $2.75
9:33 PMfunko pops are awful products
9:34 PM8 kromer

september 29th 20216:53 PMtheres a lot of electric scooters around suddenly, i used to have one as a kid but i grew too much to use it. if i lived in the city i would probably just sell my car and use one of those. i would never want to live in a big city, but the idea of living somewhere where everything is within walking or biking distance is kind of appealing sometimes.
6:55 PMalso having a scooter instead of a car means no paying for parking which would be AMAZING because paying for parking is a SCAM
6:57 PMi got my 2nd parking ticket today

september 28th 20211:35 AMclip studio paint actually rocks
1:36 AMthe
3:12 PMwait i forgot it hold on
4:08 PMidk how to do linework
4:11 PMscrew every website that uses that horrendous slideshow format
6:45 PM>have problem
>ignore problem
>problem goes away
life is so easy

september 26th 20217:26 PMsmartphowned dot com

september 24th 202111:51 PMmight start using clip studio paint, having a dark mode is a good enough reason to
11:52 PMcoming up with original story and world ideas is very hard

september 23rd 20218:36 PMof course nintendo would make you pay a more expensive subscription for 25 year old games
8:37 PMthe final smash bros newcomer will be john madden from the madden nfl series
8:45 PMthe mario movie is going to be incredible, an absolute disaster, or both
8:47 PMseth rogen as donkey kong: HUHUHUHUH DUDE BANANA *hits donkey bong*

september 22nd 202110:00 PMi miss free-smiley-faces.de

september 20th 202112:23 AMi hold every political belief that has ever existed so good luck disagreeing with me
12:24 AMnew laptop aquired, time to boil it
12:25 AMviper - fuck earth i'm gon wage an interstella war

september 19th 20213:24 PMi want to give my website a cooler layout, but i also want to keep it mobile friendly

september 18th 20215:33 PMdeltarune 2 genocide route is kino

september 17th 202111:34 AMi don't know whats worse, automatic toilets or automatic sinks
2:56 PMgetting a new laptop on tuesday
2:58 PMits raining pretty hard right now. i missed the rain
11:30 PMyooo undertale 3 just dropped
11:32 PMgonna draw ralsei at some point

september 16th 20216:15 PMthinking about options for a better place to live
6:32 PMmfw a grilled cheese and fries costs over 10 leafbucks
6:35 PMthey're good sandwiches though
10:58 PMtrashfeed table conversion complete
11:00 PMi am above you all
11:37 PMculture appears to be frozen
11:47 PMwebsites with cookie request pop-ups that take up half the webpage

september 14th 202112:03 AMmen
12:09 AMyou claim to be a "socailist" yet yuo have money... curious...
12:21 AMi don't know if i want people i know irl to see this website lol

september 12th 202111:00 PMweekend gone already
11:02 PMi tried making a map
11:05 PMcollege should at least have an online option
11:09 PMleafland election coming up, i'm writing in the bear that ate my trash a few days ago
11:34 PMmitt romney dances gangnam style
11:57 PMhas there ever been a good live action anime adaptation?

september 6th 20215:32 PMthinking about changing my character
7:43 PMkanye west new album is pretty good
7:45 PMi changed my character

september 2nd 20211:30 PMnew abba just dropped
1:31 PMplaying a lot of civ 6 lately, doing a game with friends tomorrow

august 28th 20216:32 PMdid some more work on the website today
6:36 PMcurrently watching sleepycast

august 26th 20215:34 PMwhy is summer almost over
7:16 PMi work tomorrow
7:23 PMthe ride never ends

august 24th 20215:00 PMGENETIC FREAK
5:06 PMbrb making mac and cheese
9:42 PMdone making mac and cheese
9:54 PMeyelash!! in my eye!!

august 23rd 202110:49 PMnew warioware looks fun but probably not $65 fun
10:50 PMdrawing takes a long time
10:51 PMtacoma radar is a comfy band
10:53 PMdude...what if WE were the virus...
11:00 PMwake up sheeple!!!!
11:02 PMi wish i had an alien friend
11:31 PMdoodle dood
11:34 PMjapanese cd packaging is cool
11:37 PMi got uchu nippon setagaya by fishmans on cd today

august 21st 20219:16 PMlistened to a whole nickelback record today, i've heard worse

august 19th 20212:22 PMthe pokemon diamond and pearl remakes look awful, the originals look way better
2:24 PMi've never cared much about pokemon, but some of the pokemon/character designs are cool
2:29 PMi don't understand onlyfans, why would people even pay for that
2:31 PMthinking about michealwave
3:21 PMwhipped up a refreshing bowl of ice cube soup
9:17 PMmoving to young thug city
9:22 PMnomeansno, pilotredsun, and boredoms aren't on spotify, why do i even pay for this
9:24 PMconsidering spotify pays literal pennies for streams i don't blame them
9:27 PMslacking on drawing lately
10:00 PMis wario a libertarian

august 16th 20213:29 PMgot shampoo in my eye god dammit

august 12th 2021 12:12 AMmight get my first paycheck in a long time tomorrow
12:13 AMneon genesis evangelion is kinda neat i guess, currently on episode 15
12:19 AMidea: glass bowling pins
11:25 PMwork was hot today
11:27 PMyou'll cowards don't even smoke crack
11:28 PMi hate smoke

august 11th 20213:23 PMmodding my wii u
3:25 PMprobably gonna mod my switch too

august 5th 20219:50 PM"its such a beautiful day" is amazing

july 31st 202110:44 PMthe crops are looking good
10:45 PMchris chan will be studied in history books hundreds of years from now
10:45 PMthe prisonchu saga has begun
10:46 PMwho is the family guy
10:48 PMi want to draw some monkeys. maybe some ape too
10:55 PMchuggin

july 24th 20212:16 PMneed people to play bedwars with

july 23rd 20212:53 PM20
2:53 PMgot some new headphones, noise cancelling is weird
2:53 PMdrawing hands is the worst
9:09 PMi would trade my kidney for paint tool sai dark mode

july 19th 20213:04 PMtomorrow is my birthday, going to be double digits
3:04 PMlearning about dark energy

july 18th 20213:23 AMi added a page for my oc's, despite having very little info on them lol

july 17th 20214:11 AMmade the about page look decent on mobile finally

july 16th 20213:07 PMsteam deck actually looks pretty legit, imagine emulating switch games on it. nintendo is doomed
3:07 PMbeen doing lots of pushups lately
6:34 PMactually did some work here today

july 12th 202112:15 AMpython is kinda neat
12:16 AMi only have like a week left of being a teenager and that sucks ass
12:21 AMonly the coolest of people type in all lowercase
12:35 AMumm... dare i say... based?
12:38 AMi don't know what world of warcraft is
12:41 AMmy entire wardrobe is just shirts that say "gamer" on them
12:44 AMi dread the illumination mario movie
12:45 AMpotato!!!!!!!!!

july 11th 202111:33 PMi saw that on of my favourite bands, slowdive, put one of their best unreleased songs (sleep) on spotify but it turns out its unoffical. i'll enjoy it while i can

july 10th 20211:29 PMbedwars is fun
1:34 PMligma male
1:36 PMmight make a religion tier list
1:42 PMi want a chimp friend
1:45 PMtwitch sucks

june 24th 202111:22 AMrip john mcafee, the absolute madman
2:28 PMfist of the north star is awesome
2:34 PMavoiding anyone who describes themselves as an "influencer"
2:41 PMtoday i learned that a serbian farmer shoving a beer bottle into his ass contributed to the break up of yugoslavia
2:45 PMresearch the dorđe martinović incident

june 23rd 20214:15 PMnetflix somehow gets worse every time i look at it
4:22 PMthinking about bnuuys
4:38 PMoverdosing on normal pills
5:02 PMwe should replace racism with swag

june 20th 20214:32 PMcamping is fun
4:35 PMkill all mosquitos
6:37 PMrawr!! ima dinosawr :3c >u<
6:42 PMtheres people in the world...

june 18th 20212:10 AMhello
2:10 AMstill just sitting here

may 26th 20212:50 AMthe moon is big and bright tonight

may 25th 202112:28 AMi would write a few paragraphs about why i hate tiktok, but its been done so many times

may 24th 20212:06 AMits crazy how people still watch cable tv
2:06 AMwent walking for like 4 hours yesterday and my legs still hurt
2:07 AMwhoever makes the bots in tf2 are probably the saddest people out there

may 18th 20216:31 PMS

may 17th 20211:49 PMaddicted to tf2 again

may 13th 20216:49 PMits been pretty chill lately
6:52 PMkraft dinner extra creamy macaroni and cheese
6:55 PMi wonder if anyone actually reads this
6:57 PMdiscords new logo kinda sucks

april 29th 20214:34 PMAAAAAAAAAAAAA
5:45 PMmight get another job soon

april 28th 20214:34 PMweed
1:34 PMi still have nightmares about the new pringles logo
1:36 PMidk if this is a hot take but pringles kind of suck
1:37 PMmiss vickies salt and vinegar is the best chip

april 27th 20211:34 AMputting powdered milk in my milk to get more milk per milk
1:39 PMi don't actually like milk
1:44 PM*sneezes in braille*

april 18th 20212:13 AMscreaming into the abyss
2:14 AMmy rap name could be "convicted felon"
2:16 AMthe nice weather is back just in time for exam week
2:26 AM
2:32 AM

april 17th 20211:59 PMvinesauce vinny, joel, and jerma are basically the only streamers i watch

april 13th 20213:56 PMguac
4:00 PMshouldn't have bought the isaac dlc until after exam week
8:56 PMsaw my friend today

april 11th 20217:02 PMgoing through another vaporwave phase

april 8th 202112:00 PMthinking about reading a book
12:01 PMi planned on going to sleep early last night so i could get up early and do work, but i woke up at 11:30 anyways
12:10 PMfalling behind but i'm too shy to ask for help
12:14 PMi hate dust
12:26 PMi planted some peas, carrots and corn over the weekend. i want to learn how to garden because it'll be a good skill to have when society collapses
12:32 PMi want to learn how to 3d model
12:34 PMwasting time..

april 7th 202111:35 PMlil ugly mane is my favourite rapper
11:38 PMtroll science comics are unironically hilarious
12:34 PMgoing to the dentist

april 5th 202111:56 PMplayin jackbox with my friends :)

april 4th 202110:32 PMi caved and bought the new isaac dlc, its pretty hard

april 2nd 20219:01 PMate too many chips again

april 1st 20215:58 PMhello
5:59 PMi want to get the new binding of isaac dlc but i want to save money
6:01 PMtoday i went to tim hortons and ordered a bacon grilled cheese but i recieved a regular grilled cheese instead, my life is in shambles
6:02 PMoh my god jimmy carter just killed himself
6:10 PMthis is literally me
6:12 PMwhat up daze nation
7:23 PMits hard being epic in a world of fail
7:47 PMi hope omoris fanbase doesn't end up like undertales
11:12 PMplaying wii sports without the wrist strap, guess you could say i'm a bit of a bad boy
11:16 PMi only drink at least 34% milk
11:25 PMyogurt mixed with cheetos
11:35 PMi need a cool rap name