hi, my name is daze. i'm a 20 year old person living in canada, who enjoys computers, art, and the internet. i made this website to have a place to dump whatever thoughts, art, or other projects i might have, and to practice my html/css/javascript skills.

this site is inspired by the websites of the late 90's / early 2000's, although i was born too late to experience it firsthand. i didn't get onto the internet until around 2010-2011.

as of now, my main interests revolve around technology, music, and art. i also spend a lot of time just surfin the web. most of the other info about me is scattered around this website, so go check it out!!! (if you wanna)

real name: ???
gender: male
age: 20
birthday: july 20th
country: canada

favourite things (click!)


drawing, guitar, drumming, "programming", swimming

tv shows

the eric andre show, trailer park boys, twin peaks, the x-files, south park, bojack horseman, nichijou


slowdive, lil ugly mane, ween, oasis, pilotredsun, machine girl, aphex twin, death grips, big black, Кино, the stone roses, the klf, telepath テレパシー能力者

video games

minecraft, team fortress 2, mother 2 and 3, mario kart, civilization 6, risk of rain 2, the binding of isaac, garfield kart, omori, undertale/deltarune


mac'n'cheese, steak, spaghetti, fries, pancakes