2021 2022

may 18th - 3:14 PM

wrote a thing about reddit under the topics section

may 17th - 1:21 PM

i went out to a bar/club for the first time in a while a couple nights ago. it was "pop punk night" at a bar in town, and i went with a couple of friends. i didn't drink because i was the driver, but it was still a great time. there were 3 bands that played and they were all pretty good. it was really loud which was great, my vocal cords are still kind of shot because i had to yell to talk all night

may 12th - 1:21 PM

yesterday i spent the day with a friend and we went to a lot of cool places. we went an abandoned power plant which was pretty sick. i got some cool pics but i'm not gonna dox myself right now

april 19th - 1:57 AM

easter was fun, we had a bunch of people over including some friends i haven't seen in a while. they couldn't stay late cause it was sunday, but it was a good time

march 20th - 2:44 PM

on the computer doing computer stuff

march 10th - 4:15 PM

duckduckgo wrecked their image with a single tweet. the ceo said out and said they're changing their search to hide "russian disinformation" and promote mainstream news on the top of their search results. a lot of people who use duckduckgo, myself included, aren't going to be happy with this change, because one of the biggest reasons people like duckduckgo is because it wasn't like google, who has been manipulating their own search results based on their own opinions for years

people liked duckduckgo because it didn't try to decide what information you should be allowed to see (as much as other search engines at least). the issue with labeling things as "disinformation" is that information changes. what is considered true today might not be tomorrow and vice versa. and it is true that there's a lot of disinformation surrounding the russia-ukraine situation, but people should be able to decide what to believe instead of big tech telling people what to think. i don't trust any single entity to label things right and wrong

march 9th - 4:15 PM

i'm starting to consider options for other places to live. i want to stay in bc but i don't know how i could afford a decent life here with how expensive everything is getting. i'm thinking alberta or even interior bc would be way better than here. montana sounds alright, but i'd have to figure out how to move to the usa

i would rather stay here of course but at a certain point it just isn't worth it anymore

february 28th - 11:34 PM

there's a lot going on in the world isn't there? this month should be pretty interesting.

january 31st - 2:20 AM

times going too fast, yet not much has happened. mostly procrastinating, trying to learn stuff instead. keeping a low profile, hung out with a couple friends since last update. i wish i could do it more, but people are so busy these days. new glasses should be coming in the mail tomorrow or tuesday, that's something to look forward to i guess. i just noticed i've got a weird typing pattern going on, but don't know why.

right now at this point in time i'm wanting to go for a night drive. its been a while since i last did one but i don't feel like going alone right now. only real benefit to driving alone is that i can sing as loud as i wasnt without embarrassing myself. currently listening to: long season by fishmans

january 16th - 12:17 AM

so its a new year, and stuff has happened. first thing related to this website is that i'm going to split up the updates by year, so the pages don't get too long. i kind of forgot to work on or even update this website throughout winter break cause i was busy with holiday stuff. speaking of which, christmas and the new year were nice as usual. spent time with the family and got some cool things, like a battery powered amp and a new hat with a leaf on it.

new years eve was especially fun, i had a bunch of friends over (mostly friends of a friend, but we kind of knew each other). there was 5 of us in total. we played some drinking games and video games, and messed around with our instruments. we recorded a bunch of videos spoofing ghost hunter shows and music interviews and they were pretty great. i was the cameraman most the time, i'm not much of an actor.

that was kind of the peak of my break, because i was snowed in the rest of the time, and then i got sick. it was nice to have a few weeks to do nothing, things are starting up again with school. this semester sounds like its going to be more fun than the last one, but i'm not letting my guard down again. it's in person again, but i kind of wish it weren't